SIB FOR AFRICA is an Overseas Educational Consulting services by YNNEZ COMPANY LIMITED, that focuses on study abroad admission service. At SIB For Africa, we help students from Africa to get admission to study in BELARUS. We provide top-notch education consultancy services to our clients. We guide you throughout the process and even after arriving Belarus we are still with you.

Belarus is located in the Eastern part of Europe. In the West, it borders on Poland, In North-West Lithuania, In North Latvia, In the North-East and East Russia and in South Ukraine. The capital of Belarus is Minsk. The people of Belarus are friendly and kind. Belarus is a wonderful place to explore no matter what time of year.
Belarus is famous for its variety of sweets, both authentic Belarusian and those from the Soviet era. Zephyr, chocolate candies, glazed cranberry, sguschenka, and glazed curd bars are popular among residents and guests from neighboring countries.

Higher Education in Belarus

More than 6,000 foreign students study at universities in Belarus each year. The country, located east of Poland and west of Russia, sets a high value on a university education and offers affordable tuition for international students as well as a variety of courses of study.