YNNEZ Software as a service (SaaS) is a cloud-based application delivery and consumption model where users pay for software on a subscription basis, depending on monthly or annual usage, the number of licenses, and the features in use.

Ynnez Pro is a SaaS-only firm and leading provider of Accounting, Billing & Bookkeeping software to SME’s
Our aim is to help and support small and medium enterprises grow with technology, particularly in emerging markets.

Using Ynnez Pro, you can record your transactions, send receipts and invoices, track customers who owe you money, and send debt bills via Email, SMS and WhatsApp.

We’re indeed your business coach, right in your pocket, home, office so you can track when money is coming in and leaving, all on the go. Ynnez Pro does all the calculations for you, updating the health of your business in real-time and alerting you when necessary.

Our aim is to support millions of businesses throughout the world.