Financial Services

We are an individual agricultural investment firm established to provide financing in small & medium-sized Agribusinesses in Ghana and Africa. We invest to grow sustainable and impactful agribusiness.

Our success is derived from working with ambitious management teams, providing supportive investment structures and specialist expertise that create high-growth Agribusinesses.

Our investments strengthen agricultural sub-sectors and use smallholder farmer networks to generate significant income for millions of families across Ghana and Africa. The byproduct of this growth is that, it creates financial returns for us and our investors.

We are optimistic that the funds we build for our portfolio of businesses will enhance the opportunities to place Ghana and Africa on the global market.
With our team of seasoned fund managers and experts, the YVC will be your go-to partner for greater expansion and market growth by providing the financial backbone for scaling up.

We work closely with domestic and international funders, and with strategic partners (e.g. non-governmental organisations) who help us achieve our investment objectives.

We have a long-term outlook, recognizing that early-stage Agribusinesses can take ten years or more to reach maturity. We can support Agribusinesses that would otherwise struggle to secure financing on affordable terms.

Provide Financial Resources for the development and promotion of venture capital financing for Small and Medium Agribusiness in priority sectors of the economy as shall be specified from time to time.

To Develop A Well Structured Venture Capital Industry Leading to a thriving commercial African agriculture sector that benefits both people and planet.

To Provide Credit and Equity Financing To Eligible YVC to Support people in the Agricultural Business.