We are into SNAIL FARMING! Snails do provide a low-calorie source of protein (unless you drench them in butter)”. Protein is essential for building and repairing muscle and is also better at filling you up than carbs and fat. Many people look to seafood as an easy source of protein, but actually, snails have more.

Ynnez Farms is a start-up Snail Farming business with lofty ambitions and very aggressive growth plans.

Our vision is to develop the largest commercial snail farm in Africa. In addition to generating substantial profits.

Our mission exists of three parts: eliminating market inefficiencies within local markets; creating substantial economic opportunities for those at the Base of the Pyramid and utilizing all components of the snail in developing and commercializing innovative and highly sought after products.’

As we are aiming to become one of the biggest snail farming/production, we will not only produce snails for the Ghanaian and the export market, but it also aims to improve local Ghanaian markets.

At Ynnez Snail Farm, we assure you with a healthy and delicious snail delicacy. Our integrated supply chain ensures that we always deliver the highest quality Snails to our customers.

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