Ynnez Care

Ynnez Care is a non-governmental  organization setup to give back to our country and beyond. This organization is just a part of us to show appreciation to the people that have been helping and supporting us by patronizing our products and services. 1% of our earnings as a company is set aside to support the needy and the less privileged through giveaway programs, healthcare materials to the needy homes and hospitals, financial support to the needy and the less privileged, learning materials for needy students, foods & clothes for all needy/less privileged.

Ynnez Care is earnestly committed to the people of this country and beyond.

Our Vision is to expand aid to the benefit of the poor and the less privileged on humanitarian service.

Our Mission is to support people throughout the world with care and love.

Our Objective is to put smiles on the faces of the less privileged in our community, nation and beyond.

For us to continue this, kindly support us by patronizing our Products & Services


Putting smiles on the faces of the less privileged