Our Company

YNNEZ COMPANY is a limited liability company(LLC) registered under the laws of Ghana. This is a young and diversified company established with LOVE and for EVERYONE! Ynnez Company is managed by a truly professional and informative TEAM who are focused on a vision that includes innovation, solution, and sustainability, that is committed to delivering the best quality products and services of all time. Ynnez Company's purpose is to better serve our communities with a range of products, services, charity works and programs that benefit our customers and people in our country throughout their lives. We have a wide range of products and services to choose from. Ynnez Company Limited sets itself apart by offering the highest quality and luxurious products and services at a competitive price. We pride ourselves on bringing an upscale products and services that surpass one's expectations. We are reliable company and have been from the beginning. We also believe that a great customer shopping experience and customer service are paramount, and we are continually making improvements to provide our customers/clients with these necessities. Our professional services and fast delivery has made us a top choice among our competitors. When time is precious and the complexities of sourcing and selecting the right products or services at excellent value are important, we will make that easy for you. Our young and dynamic company has been and is involved in creating extremely interesting and highly unusual options in order to accommodate as many different types of customer as possible. Ticia and the YCL team are extremely grateful and appreciative to all of our awesome customers/clients and supporters who have made this possible. You are the faces of YCL!

We provide awesomness!

Business Categories

Below is all that YNNEZ COMPANY LIMITED is all about. Our current and future products and services are topnotch. We are YNNEZ! We are YCL! We are the number 1 reliable and diversified Company OF ALL TIME! We are the company for EVERYONE!
  • Beauty, Fashion & Personal Care Products

  • Travel Agency Service

  • Overseas Educational Consultancy

  • Media Services

  • Food & Beverages

  • Transportation, Trading & Importation Services

  • Pharmacy

  • Event Venue

  • Fuel Station

  • Mineral Water Production

  • NGO

Message from CEO

A Few Words From the Owner & CEO:

In 2014, when this dream started, I did not get any financial support from anyone, I have to struggle in my own diligent way to make this dream a reality. I said to myself no matter the hardship I am going through I must succeed and will be a winner. It wasn't an easy beginning and still not easy but with determination, hard work, honest and prayers, I passed through the difficult task. I had no idea where the Lord was leading me, but today I am humbled by how my company is growing into. I have come this far not because I am the best or the smartest. But because I have over the years consistently worked towards achieving Excellence in Services and Product delivery, putting in place the right structures and above all building quality partnerships. I have been in robust in taking risks. I have not been afraid of implementing new initiatives but have been determined to bear all consequences.

Indeed, in venturing into more new areas and new market there will be losses, but I build a zero-tolerance for losses! I do this by focusing more on the solutions rather than the problems. I take advantage of opportunities by always thinking ahead and introducing strategies that will keep us far ahead of the competition. Looking ahead, I am focused on accelerating the execution of our growth strategy while continuing to build on the strength of our brands - in servicing our clients and partners, creating innovations and bringing positive change to the communities in which I work and live. But in all, I give the credit to my awesome team and partners for the massive support they have been rendering to this company. GOD HAS INDEED BE GOOD TO ME AND I THANK HIM WITH ALL MY HEART, SOUL AND MIND.

We will continue to form quality and relevant alliances with businesses and countries. We believe that partnerships are supreme- we believe in linking up with business interests from different countries to share ideas and benchmark best practices through the transfer of skills, strategic management, technical and financial support.

Ynnez Company is well poised to harness the opportunities in our current dispensation with relentless drive and commitment to become the leading player in our various markets. I commend the management team of the Company for their commitment and dedication to realizing the objectives of the Company, as we strive to reach greater heights. Despite the ups and downs in the world economy, the company never gave up but instead focus on the vision.

Ynnez Company Limited shares in this positive outlook. We are determined to position ourselves as one of the leading private sector actors, playing our rightful role in the growth and prosperity of Ghana, Africa, and the World. We would, therefore, like to emphasize our readiness to partner with all potential investors worldwide in a mutually beneficial way. We are incredibly excited about this journey and truly believe the best of Ynnez Company Limited is yet to come.

Like I always say every good company wants to provide excellent customer service, but it’s not always easy to balance that with other business needs and goals. There is only one boss. The customer. And he/she can fire everybody in the company from the chairman on down, simply by spending his or her money somewhere else. No matter how big of an organization someone has, everyone lives by this rule. It is the great equalizer and the law that can humble any human being, no matter how protected they think they are on their perch. Kindly support us by patronizing us. We promise you nothing but the best quality products and services.
At Ynnez Company Limited, our customers/clients are our first priority. Without them, there will be no business. "I have always worked hard and with integrity and I am very grateful that God has seen fit to reward my efforts. We have been blessed with strong growth and new opportunities for further success. My faith in God and His love guides me and us as a company. Our success is built upon treating customers as partners; upon mutual respect."

Kindly note that you are automatically supporting the needy through our non-governmental organization Ynnez Foundation whenever you patronize our products and services. There are more good things coming up. Thank you!